Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

We are proud and honored to groom any shape, size and breed of dog. We always groom your pet with love and care and each dog is treated with respect, getting their own personal style and cut. Our grooming is very passive, we do not use restraints and give them as many breaks as they need.  We ensure a relaxed friendly environment for your pet to spend time in. They are never put into a cage, we do not use terrifying cage dryers and each pet is booked one on one! Try our grooming services and we promise you will not be disappointed!




Services & Packages:

"The Full Serve"
shampoo, condition, massage, blow dry, ear cleaning, manicure/pedicure, hair cut, style
extrasmall/small $40     medium $45-$50    large $55-$70    x large $75+
"A Freshen Up"
trim up face, around bum and paws, manicure/pedicure
Any Size $10-$15      Thick or Long Coats $15-$20
"So Fresh & So Clean"
shampoo, conditioning, massage, blow dry, ear cleaning, manicure/pedicure (DOES NOT include any hair trimming of any kind)
extrasmall/small $20-$25     medium $30-$35     large $40-$50     x large $55+
"The Jive"
manicure, pedicure (trimming of nails)
Without other services       Any Size $10   Very Difficult $15-$20
"U Talking 2 Me?"
deep clean of the ear canal, ear and flap
Without other services      Any Size $10     Difficult $15
"Hello There!"
Expression of anal glands (from inside) includes bum wash & dry
With Other Services $10      Without Other Services $20
Prices may vary depending on behavior, coat condition and pairing with another service. Scissor only/mostly cuts or breed specific cuts will have an extra charge depending on time needed. To confirm prices please call Sarah or email, sizing can vary based on personal opinion. Other services not listed may be provided at request.



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