Dog Training


In 2010, Sarah attended and completed Brad Pattison's Certifed Trainer & Educator being a certified dog trainer using the same methods as seen on "At the End of My Leash." Since then Sarah has helped many dogs and owners understand each other as well as create an unbreakable bond between them. Her inspiration to become a dog trainer came from her own success of training her dog Tibby. After years of no training Tibby became a perfect example of what not to do, after becoming extremely frustrated with him, Sarah took to a CTE who took the same course. The change in Tibby was so inspiring that she decided she needed to do the same for others. The training Sarah provides will teach you and your dog to love, trust and respect each other. She uses body language and movement along with a martingale collar. Lessons can be one on one or in a group. Follow as she says and you will not be disappointed...






Private Lessons

After much thought group classes have been discontinued and only private lessons will be offered. Traditionally private lessons are ideal for owners that only want to tackle a couple of issues or dogs that are not good with others, however Sarah believes private lessons are ideal for all. With private lessons, Sarah tailors training to you and your dog for your specific situation and in a way you and your dog will have the most success. There is NO one fix for all dogs or all owners. With private lessons you can learn as much or as little as you and your dog can handle. Your first class is 2 hours with each class after being 1 hour. Each class will take place at your house/yard or a park close by if needed. 




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